According to, the online applications’ market is developing rapidly and successfully and will continue to do so, at least until 2024. Likewise, if you consider creating your online app, now is the time. Nevertheless, there are many parameters you should consider before starting your upcoming development project.

One of the most significant decisions you are called to make is choosing your app to be built as a single-page or multi-page application. There are enormous platforms that chose SPA, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

On the flip side, other vast websites follow an MPA approach. For instance, websites like…

Single-page applications (SPAs) have revolutionized the way traditional frontend development used to operate. SPAs are easy to navigate, performance-beneficent, and allow the developers to write clean and less redundant code. Angular is one of the finest frontend development
frameworks that has contributed a great deal in this era of change. It has made the development of SPAs so simple and efficient that the trust in applications that are built with Angular is huge.

In this article, we will discuss a core concept of Angular development i.e. routing. As we know Angular operates on the primary flow of creating components, so…

Frontend development for single-page applications (SPAs) is really at a boom in today’s era due to the unmatched benefits that it offers. In this article, we will discuss one of the key concepts that Angular has introduced within its framework i.e. interceptors. We will look briefly at what interceptors are, how they can be used, and what are the benefits of using them in our application. So let’s start!

What are Interceptors?

In order to scale up a large application, Angular provides various built-in tools to facilitate the development process. Interceptors are one of the most powerful built-in tools in…

Angular is a Google-backed framework for developing client applications using TypeScript. It offers a set of pre-implemented functionalities as TypeScript libraries for off-the-shelf starter code pertaining to individual requirements. One only needs to set up the basic Angular environment and import these libraries on the go in their web applications.

The framework started its journey as a JavaScript library, then known as AngularJS. Considering its mass support from the development community, it emerged as a full-fledged framework from Angular 2+. In order to get started and become proficient, it is important to understand the architecture of the framework, that is…

An undebatable fact of the business world today is the diversity of customers’ needs. Studies in marketing have revealed that consumers’ needs are never static, they change every now and then. Years have past when buying and selling requires physical presence, today the use of websites and mobile application have made things much easier. But you know it will take having a large data bank and server to operate a website or app that’d meet-up with such a huge and unstable demand.

The age-long approach of tackling this is self-hosting. With this you have an all-round control of your website…

In the business world as of today, companies largely depend on the use of websites and other digital options to sell their products and services to their target market. As a matter of fact, if businesses would stand tall amidst the prevalent competition in the market, the way available digital opportunities (be it websites or mobile apps), are utilized cannot be downplayed. Aforementioned digital marketing options would only be effective to the degree of how their UX and UI are designed. UI and UX, are abbreviations for “user interface” and “user experience.” The two concepts are related in that both…

Software: Directly using it and driving force to deliver the product.

Engineering: It is the process to build things.

By observing both the definitions one can come to conclusion that it is the systematic application of engineering approach to the development of software. And engineering is the process to build things. Technical definition: It is the logical thing and we cannot see the code of it.

To do a project?

One should identify domain, problem statement; clarifying objective of project to make plan; collecting requirements; Making a block diagram( rough structure); implementing- code and debugging; Testing product after completion. …

Eugeniu Cozac

JavaScript Developer. I am proficient in building SPA with React.js

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